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You are now at the CodaKids Online Learning Campus. This is where you can access our online courses and course supplements.

As a first step we suggest you go to the Browser Test link on the right side of the screen to make sure you are set-up correctly. There are also links there for Instructor Tutorials and the Instructor & Student User Guide that provide you with a good introduction to the Learning Management System.

If you are having a problem trying to Login to the site you can go to the Forgotten Password link just below the Username/Password area.

If you are having a technical problem related to the LMS that needs some explaining we invite you to call the toll-free 24/7 Help Desk line at: 1-877-312-2846.  You may need to inform the Help Desk staff that you are taking a CAL course and provide the name of the course so they can solve your problems more quickly.

Thanks and Good Luck in your course.

The CodaKid Team

9/25/2015 5:35 PM

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